Welcome to KF Creative Mosaics

 Brighten up your home with up-cycled and custom made tables, candle holders, vases, tissue boxes, bowls, mirrors and so much more.

With a vast selection of colours and variety of tiles including Goldlink and Glitter, the choice is yours.

The majority of these tiles are UVA and frost resistant and can be used indoors and outdoors.

The grout is also available in different colours, are water repellent and anti-mould.  The main colours that I use are Silver Grey, White, Black and Brown.

If you are interested in decorative mosaics and would like to know a little more about how I can help to revamp and revitalise your home and garden then why not email or call with your query.

Please have a look at the Gallery to see just what can be done.


 Learn more about our history

 I first started KF Creative Mosaics after tiling my own table after accidentally breaking our glass topped coffee table.  See the picture below.

 This Table is tiled using normal ceramic tiles that I cut into 2 cm squares and diagonals to create this elongated star and yes this took a long time to make.

Having discovered how much fun this was and where to find such beautiful mosaic tiles I went on to create some unique pieces for my family as presents.